The Pandomus Approach

What we are


We are passionate about what we do and strive to deliver an excellent service to our clients. Working together with the best Luxembourg advisors, we have been recognised as being a highly reliable partner.

We have 20+ years of experience in servicing the most demanding clients and have gone through all steps of service delivery together with complementary service providers.

We attract seasoned employees from the best firms in Luxembourg, and we are proud to show an excellent track record for retaining and motivating good talents. 

We fully invest into growing our human, technical and IT capabilities to constantly meet the evolving needs of our demanding clientele.


pandomus is independent and manager owned. Because we hold a personal stake in our business, we care more about it – our clients & people notice the difference.  

Every client is dealt with by a service team headed by partner personally, so that critical decisions can be taken swiftly and efficiently. 

We believe in short paths and direct contacts and are willing to go the extra mile for and with our clients.

We partner with the best advisers, lawyers, auditors, banks etc. to provide a coordinated and efficient overall service delivery to our clients.

 Partners left to right: Charles Meyer, Sven Rein, Martine Grün, John Wantz, Frederik Leser

The pandomus approach includes critical features that differentiate us from our competitors. 

Based on our 20+ years of experience we know the characteristics that form the foundation of a successful 3rd Party administration relationship – they are necessary attributes that must be in a place to evidence operational excellence :

  • Experienced team with sound RE and PE fund administration expertise
  • Evidence of firm performance at the highest levels
  • Institutional IT infrastructure including independent quality control and a robust yet flexible technology
  • Ability to customize the service approach for each client and service provider
  • All work is performed onshore by a dedicated service team under the personal supervision of a partner
  • No client departures as a result of service related issues
  • low staff turnover but high client retention